About us

D.E.E.P. Consultancy is a new company established in 2019. It is a new concept of introducing psychology into the corporate world of Kuwait. Our vision is to dive Deep. Our mission is to help assist individuals grow through challenges in the workplace, by having a deeper understanding of their behaviours, preferences, and motivations. We provide businesses with organizational solutions for cultural change and development, to unlock their employees’ full potential and power; by applying correct individual assessments for recruitment, promotions, and restructuring employees. We also work on the leadership level, as we use psychological and behavioural insights and dig deep into their personalities, backgrounds, and level of capabilities to assist them in shifting their way of approaching their work and subordinates. This is done through executive coaching which benefits both executives and the organization in terms of developing: • Skills.

  • Skills
  • Execution.
  • Emotions and behavior.
  • Decision making.

We believe that a happy work environment is derived by its healthy, solid, and capable leaders.

Who we are

Dina Al-Waheab, M.Sc.

Dina is a Business Psychologist who graduated from Coventry University-UK with a Masters degree in Business and Organizational Psychology, she is a member of The Association of Business Psychology- London. In addition, her research received an award of excellence from the association for the level of distinction, and the best research in the field of Business Psychology for Coventry University of the year 2018. Her main interests are in leaders’ behaviour and the psychological effects it has on employees. She is also a member in Toastmasters International- Birmingham UK, and Speak Up Birmingham- UK, she also has a wide interest in the psychological benefits of public speaking.

Shaikha Al-Rashed
Operation Manager

Shaikha has bachelor’s degree in finance and financial institutions from Kuwait University with 3 years experience in operational field , she Oversee productivity to identify areas that should be improved, also she has the ability to plan, organize ,manage multiple projects and ensure process continues smoothly moreover she Manage all aspects of daily operations , Her greatest strengths are her ability to ensure that processes run at maximum efficiency

Dina Hamza
Senior Media Consultant

Dina Hamzah is a Creative Media Consultant with a demonstrated history of over two decades of work experience with multinational broadcasting facility providers including MBC group, Showtime, Al Arabiya News Channel, Al Hadath, MTV Arabia, Twofour54 and Al Jazeera Sports (Bien).

Skilled at creatively designing content and implementing media strategies and promotional campaigns for mass media that promote industries through visual communication language.

Dina also produced international media events that included high profile studio executives and Hollywood celebrities and managed teams in large studio operations with a solid customer relation strategy for clients such as Formula 1 Grand Prix, Endemol and FIFA World Cup. A strong ability to manage large teams of professionals, attentive to quality assurance standards with a BA Hons in Film and Animation from Arts Institute at Bournemouth, UK.

Having worked in a multitude of work environments, she teamed up with Deepkw.co to highlight the importance of creating healthy work environments and the significant effect it has on shaping the performance of employees.

She has spent over 5 years of ongoing research with emphasis on narcissistic behaviour and its impact on intergenerational, interpersonal and societal relations and is soon to publish a digital book on the topic in research, which will also include the impact of narcissism in the workplace and it’s effect on the overall performance of corporate teams.

A licensed Scuba Rescue Diver (NAUI), Dina enjoys making underwater bubbles and communicating with other marine life.

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