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About Us

About Deep

DEEP Consultancy is a new company established in 2019. With the concept of introducing psychology into the corporate world of Kuwait. Our vision is to dive Deep. Our mission is to assist individuals grow through challenges in the workplace, by having a deeper understanding of their behaviors , preferences, and motivations.

We provide businesses with organizational solutions for cultural change and development, to unlock their employees’ full potential and power; by applying correct individual assessments for recruitment, promotions, and restructuring employees.

We also work on the leadership level, as we use psychological and behavioural insights and dig deep into their personalities, backgrounds, and level of capabilities to assist them in shifting their way of approaching their work and subordinates. This is done through executive coaching which benefits both executives and the organization in terms of developing:

  • Skills
  • Execution
  • Emotions and behavior
  • Decision making

We believe that a happy work environment is derived by its healthy, solid, and capable leaders

Our Mission

We strive to improve the workplace environment for employees’ overall mental health.

Our Vision

A “healthy workplace” an environment of productivity, unity, and well-being.

Our Strategy

We combine the fundamental psychology of individuals and teams, with the understanding of the business setting in which they activate.